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Welcome to the Celtic Pipe Line

Supplies for Pipers, Drummers, and Pipe Bands

What's New

We love to set up a booth at Highland Games and Piping events around Alberta. Here is where we typically set up. We look forward to another successful and enjoyable season in 2020!

  • Ogden Indoor Competition (Calgary) - May

  • Red Deer Highland Games - late June

  • Gathering of the Clans/Highland Festival, Sedgewick, AB - late August

  • Calgary Highland Games - Setember long weekend (note new location at Calgary Rugby Union)

  • Canmore Highland Games - September long weekend

Updated tips on getting the most from your Tone Protector:

  1. Use two packets in the Tone Protector at all times. This stabilizes the humidity in your reed faster and gives the Tone Protector more power to keep things stable in constantly changing conditions.  Also, you will be able to go a longer time before changing packets.  You can find replacement packs at my Shop here.

  2. Use the 84% humidity packs only.  The first Tone Protectors were shipped with two packs with different humidity levels.  We quickly discovered that the 84% packs are ideal for everyone — regardless of where you live.  Cane reeds are the most stable with the 84% packets. 

  3. There's an easier way to install your humidity packs.  There's no need to fold them.  Just insert your two packs as far in as they will go and push them down until they are below the top of the inner tube (It’s okay if the packets get crumpled).  Check out the video.

  4. Replace the packs when the Tone Protector shows the humidity is below 80%. How long the packs last depends on how dry it is where you are and how often you play your pipes.  The drier it is the faster they will get used up.

  5. Don't add water to the packs.  The goal of the Tone Protector is to provide a constant, stable humidity level for optimal performance.  Adding water will bring the humidity level too high and can increase the chances of mold growing on your reed.

  6. Having issues with the digital hygrometer?  Most issues with the hygrometer can be fixed by removing the battery.  You will see little metal prongs that hold and make contact with the battery.  Bend them in slightly so when the battery goes back in they make better contact.  Replace the battery back and see how it works.  This fixes most problems.  If not, try the replacement battery.  

"Thanks again to both of you for once again showing us great service & making us look so good on those small town parade routes!" 
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